Love to chow down on a frikin awesome burger?

Join us for the whole of May as we are bringing not one, not two, not three. . but FOUR burgers! Fresh out the kitchen, and ready to be devoured.

How to win a year’s worth of burgers

1. Download Myy App for free
2. Purchase any one of our special May burgers
3. Get the Myy App digital stamp

and boom! It’s that easy!


The Grim Reaper – double beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, reaper relish, bun, chips.

The Fun Guy – Portobello mushroom, arancini, rocket pesto, tomato relish, cos lettuce, bagel bun, chips.

The Baconator – double beef, bacon, beef bacon, cos lettuce, tomato, baconnaise, onion rings, bun, chip.

The Mac Daddy – beef patty, crumbed mac ‘n’ cheese, bacon, cos lettuce, hipster bbq, bun, chip.